Tips Slot Machines

1. Figure out your bankroll – Work out before you even sit down how much you want to gamble in that machine. Take it easy and set a reasonable limit for your budget. That money may have to do you the whole night, so it’s best not to throw it all away on the first machine that you sit down at.

2. Decide on the stakes – You can play machines that cost $1.00 a spin to machines that cost $0.01 a spin. What you play is up to you and what you feel comfortable betting.

3. Join the rewards club – Every club, casino and online casino has a rewards club. Take the time to join and when you play your favorite slots, you’ll also be earning rewards points.

4. Choose your machine – Which machine you play depends on what you want as far as jackpots and side games are concerned, but also comes down to what you feel suits your playing style. A machine that suits you will be much more fun to play.

5. Check the pay table – Look at the pay table and understand what values each symbol has, what combinations you need to win, what special symbols and wild cards do.

6. How much to bet? – Betting one coin of max coins is up to you. This comes down to money management, and we talk more about that later.

7. Don’t play with your winnings – If you’ve won on a machine, put that money away. Play with the money that you’ve started with in your bank roll and save those winnings so you’ll always have something to take home at the end of the night.

8. If you’re not feeling lucky, try a different machine – There is always a huge range of machines, and some pay out better then others. if the machine you’re on isn’t paying out, there’s a good chance that another one will.

9. Leave while you’re ahead – if you are lucky enough to double your money, think seriously about leaving with it all. this way you’ve gotten a great prize that you didn’t have before, and you won’t just give it all back again.

10. HAVE FUN! – Yes, this is bold because this is the single most important thing that you need to do when you’re playing slots. if playing the slot machines isn’t fun, then you shouldn’t be playing. So, keep on having fun, and lets get to winning!