Tips for playing the slots


Easily the most popular casino game slots have been designed deliberately to be simple to play so everyone can enjoy them. While the principles of slots are simple players still need to decide which slots machine they want to play on.

The following tips are designed to help players make that decision.

Payout Percentage

Slot machine payout percentages typically range from 82 up to 98 percent but this does not mean that every win will be at the 98 percent rate. Slot machines – gokkasten are set to only pay out 98 percent once for every pre-determined number of spins. For the sake of this example let’s say you are playing at a machine that takes $1 per spin. When the machine reaches its millionth spin it will pay out at the 98 percent payout rate and you will receive a big win. This is just an example to demonstrate how the highest percentage payout occurs, but when that high payout occurs is up to the casino to determine and program each slot machine accordingly.


Original slot machines were produced with five reels, but the standard soon became three reels, which only provided 10,000 possible different combinations and thereby limited the opportunity for casinos to offer big jackpots. When online slot machines were created, the number of possible combinations numbered 10 million. Much bigger jackpots could be offered on these virtual machines for a single bet.


Many slot machines provide several wagering options, with higher wagers increasing the jackpot amount to be paid out upon winning. Slot machines are just like other gambling machines in that they are games of chance and so the chances of winning or losing are about equal. The following tips are designed to help you make the most from your gambling funds.

Learn the Rules

Understanding how slot machines operate from a player’s point of view will make it easier to play them. For beginners playing online slots for free will give them a taste of what they can do, the methods of playing and the payouts they can expect. Getting familiar with online slot machines through free play will also give first time players an opportunity to become familiar with the meaning of each symbol and combination of symbols that will provide a win, all without risk of losing money.

Choose the Right Slot Machine for You

There is a huge variety of slot machines available in casinos, but each style has some unique features others don’t have. Jackpots for slot machines are in three levels: low, medium and high. For a reasonable chance of winning players should stick with the medium level games, where they can still have a lot of fun and have reasonable odds of winning. Progressive slots take a percentage of your wager and adds it to the jackpot total, decreasing your chance of winning from 95 percent down to 90 percent progressively, so it is better to steer away from these machines if you want to go home with some winnings.

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Casino Club VIP Programs

When you join a casino’s VIP program you give them the ability to monitor your play. In return you may be provided with complimentary offers which can be quite lucrative to take advantage of. With a VIP membership you will be provided with a card that you will slide into the slot machine and leave it there during your play time so that it can record how much money you have bet, won and lost. Complimentary offers range from drinks, or a meal and even free hotel accommodations, all designed to get you to bet more money of course.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

If you want to keep strict control over your money and not make rash wagers on the slot machines it is advisable to keep drinking alcohol to a minimum. While it is enjoyable and fun to have a quiet drink while you gamble as long as it is done in moderation you can still have a lot of fun and not let your money slip away from you.

Final note: All games in a casino are games of chance. You stand an equal chance of losing as winning. One of the greatest skills a gambler can have is knowing when to stop. Only play with a pre-determined amount of money and when that is gone, go home. Controlling how much money you intend to play with will insure you have a good casino experience every time.